Netanya Beach

There is no other city in Israel that lies along the coast, which has beaches like Netanya.
Thirteen and a half miles of golden, breathtaking beaches with a high cleanliness rating.
The beaches of Netanya extend from the north of the city at the foot of the eolianite cliffs and south to the seaside plain of ‘Poleg’.

The ridge of eolianite cliffs offshore provides the city with high vantage points to the Mediterranean.
Along the beaches there are seven declared bathing beaches that summer residents of Netanya and the surrounding area flock to, together with tens of thousands of tourists who come to the city from abroad.
There are several restaurants, bathing facilities and various attractions on the beach.

Netanya seashore is a center for a variety of activities: surfing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, water sports and of course – the paragliders that have long become the visual symbol of the city.

Netanya - Promenade

The city of Netanya is proud to present: About 8 miles of promenades that pass through the eolianite cliffs, at the end of the city’s main street, and allow for magnificent views of the Mediterranean coast, varied options for healthy walking along miles of breathtaking scenery.
Among the various promenades you will be impressed by the ‘Nitsa’ Promenade, a wide array of seating areas, play areas, lawns, artwork and environmental sculptures as well as paths for cyclists.
Along the boardwalk you will experience unique sculptures, playgrounds for the whole family, Green spots of wild nature and vantage points. Enjoy night lighting that illuminates the paths, tables and benches.
Along the promenade and all attractions there is a paragliding site. In addition to the magnificent view of the sea, along the promenade there are colorful sculptures of marine animals, the work of artist Ruslan Sergeyev, and colorful mosaics. In much of the promenade the route of the Israel Trail also passes.
The beachfront amphitheater is built in the form of an acoustic conch and its content is about a thousand seats, which shades with both wings on the large crowd that floats there. There are also two restaurants on the promenade, one – ‘Marakesh’, surrounded by a small lake and waterfall that spills near a picturesque wooden bridge and the other – ‘Mool HaYam’, with a pagoda roof that ‘hangs’ on the edge of the cliff and overlooks the sea.
Well-manicured lawns and cuddly green gardens with Mediterranean-style pergolas are scattered along the promenade, in which also stands the ‘Gallery on the Cliff’, the municipal gallery with exhibitions of the best Israeli artists as well as other private galleries. You can also find a skating rink on the boardwalk, as well as lots of playgrounds and seating areas.

Surfing Club

A spot called paradise. ‘Kontiky’ beach is located on the northern shore of Netanya as part of a coastal strip that stretches over 21 kilometers. It is one of the best beaches in Israel for surfing or any other marine activity.
The ‘Kontiky’ surf Club was established about five years ago in association with the ‘Zebulon Sailing Association’, an Israeli association that trains and nurtures the sailing industry among the youth and the Israeli public out of a true love of sports and the belief that surfing makes a major change in one lives. You will find everything that you need in a surf club in order to make your dream of surfing a reality. The club offers a wide range of lessons for all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced and from surf and sap lessons to individual and group lessons, Adult surfing courses, summer surfing camps, and holidays children’s and youth classes throughout the year. You will benefit from equipment rental services such as surfboards, boogie, surfboards (safes), surfing suits and expensive suits. In addition to that you can find in the club a wide variety of surf and sport clothing.
Whether this is your first surf lesson or if you want to improve your surfing performance skills, the surf club activities are all done in a warm family atmosphere.

Natanya Market

A tourist site that attracts the natives born and raised in the city as much as other Israeli tourists and those who come from overseas.
Right after arriving at the hotel, you must be wondering where to eat? Go out for a bite at the Netanya market, where street food is quick to find yet delicious and refined at the same time.
The market offers a variety of street food, fruit stands, vegetables, meat and fish, spices and much more.
This special market was established in the early fifties of last century and serves faithfully to the residents of Netanya and the surrounding area, most of them are of a
north African heritage, mostly from Libya and Tunisia.
The multitude of vibrant colors, spices, aromas and comfortable prices make Netanya market a pleasant family experience throughout the year.